The aim of this web site is to give a general view of Jewish life, together with its characters and the great historical events that took place in Argentina. As this is not a book, I will have to be as concise and enlightening as possible.
It is my idea to provide a historical account of the reason why Jewish people are in Argentina and what the circumstances of their arrival were like.
I have based my research on bibliography by important Argentinean and foreign writers, official files, photographs, museums and personal experience. Those of us who are interested in genealogy always have a curiosity to search, a passion for discovering our origins, our roots and finding the historical context in which they developed. To understand partly how and why. As every reliable historical event is analysed without criticism because it is difficult to do it if we have not witnessed it, the ideological stance of the writer always lies behind. In every observation it is difficult to leave aside subjectivity. Every writer stamps his own point of view. And this makes him different in front of the same historical circumstances and figures.
Our community has been and is part of every sector of the society. It has been marginalised like other groups in this society, and this has been made even worse by the image given of us through history and the centuries-old prejudice against Jews. All these characters and events refer to, are related to, the events that occurred throughout history with European, African and Middle-East countries.
Jews have always blended into the values and traditions, in this case of Argentina, without losing their identity, whenever possible, and their sense of belonging to their millenary people. It is the only people who has maintained its characteristics since old times. The Jewish gaucho is a proof of this adaptation and at the same time he preserved his traditions and the entity of his ancestors. Unique local character who has been the subject of numerous books, films, articles and so on. Many of those notable figures and Argentine chronicles, even with an aura of legend, are hardly known even in our community. And I believe they deserve to be narrated. Some are unpleasant events, proper to human condition, and others have provided Argentina with incredible improvements in areas such as culture, science and investigation, art, economy and so on. And in every branch where man has possibilities of development according to his creativity and intelligence. The people of the book is real and evident. It is necessary to make an introduction to the origin by immigration of the Jewish population, to place characters in the historical context of the country they had to live in and thus, they can be understood.
I am ready to respond to any queries from the readers or the sources of information. I expect to be useful and that you can enjoy the site, the knowledge and the curiosity which is the essence of every research work.
‘If we know where we come from we know where we are going to, it is the aim of our existence.’
Thank you.

Daniel Teveles.

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